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google earth iconGoogle Earth KML Tours

Animal Tracks is exploring Google applications for visualizing geo-tagged images from our database. Google Earth kml files, the Google Earth Plugin and two versions of Google Maps are currently available for you to view marine life images around the globe.

Google Earth Tours  
Google Earth Tours

Downloadable KML files can be viewed from your computer offline with the Google Earth application. You can download Google Earth for free from Google. Each tour flies around the area to show you handpicked images of unique species from our database.
If you need help, view Google Earth Installation Instructions (PDF file)
Animal Tracks in Google Maps  
Google Maps

Direct from your browser, search the database by location to display results in Google Maps. Click on a country, and if we have data in specific locations near its borders, you can click on them too. Within the map, select the icon and a link will be provided to view marine animal and plant life photos. You can download the images for free and see details about the them as well.
Map Gallery  
Google Map Gallery

Search the database by type of animal, body part, location, or the date the image was taken. Google Maps will automatically zoom to show all available data. Single images, and multiple images will be displayed by their respective icons. If you see a numbered icon, that means there are multiple locations, so zoom in yourself for a close-up. Image thumbs appear with two icons, one for viewing details and the other will download the full image to your computer for free.