Class:Reptile Observed near:Olowalu
Family:Turtle Country:United States
Common Name:Green sea turtle Province/State:Hawaii
Body Part:General pic Town:Lahaina
Size:Adult Island:Maui
Tag type:  Ocean:Pacific
Tag number:  Port: 
Sex:m Vessel:snorkel
Behavior 1:cleaning Survey:turquoise spot cleaning station
Behavior 2:swimming Session: 
Condition 1:healthy Filename:IMG_5852_3
Condition 2:  Rating:3
Est. latitude:20.80960 GPS latitude: 
Est. longitude:-156.60699 GPS longitude: 
Animal moniker:091122_1017 Description:mel is photographer and observer, turtle is size larger than 30 inch carapace, mature male by size and appearance of tail, turtle resting at cleaning station then swam away slowly upon slow snorkel approach
Date:2009-11-22 Behaviors: 
Location:  Camera: 
Artist:  Time:1017

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