Class:Reptile Observed near:Olowalu
Family:Turtle Country:United States
Common Name:Green sea turtle Province/State:Hawaii
Body Part:  Town:Olowalu
Size:  Island:Maui
Tag type:  Ocean:Pacific
Tag number:  Port: 
Sex:  Vessel: 
Behavior 1:  Survey: 
Behavior 2:  Session: 
Condition 1:  Filename:10-P6220073.JPG
Condition 2:  Rating:5
Est. latitude:  GPS latitude: 
Est. longitude:  GPS longitude: 
Animal moniker:small-olo-1 Description:one of 5 small turtles today at cleaning station
Date:2018-06-22 Behaviors: 
Location:Mid South Channel about 1000 yards offshore Camera:OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP., TG-2
Artist:  Time:1221

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