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Coral Facts

What are corals made of? Where can you find them, and how do they live? by: Hailey Robb ...
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Bleached Coral


Coral Bleaching Facts

Coral bleaching has been destroying marine habitats around the globe. View images around Maui, Hawaii and learn about causes and what we can do to help our oceans.
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Deadly Snails

Cone snails are often collected for their unique shells, but beware, as these beautiful treasures are home to carnivorous hunters with poisoned darts. Although most feed on worms, fish and other molluscs, their sting can be deadly to humans ...
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Walking Frogfish

Tropical reef divers are always amazed at the diversity of frogfish in colors and texture. These elastic, six-legged, jet-propelled fish are graceful, good at hiding in plain sight, and quick when they're hungry. Some look like hard coral, others like feathery plants...
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Ukumehame Manta


Gentle Giants

Mantas are often found near Ukumehame, Maui. Divers have often filmed and photographed at least two large mantas, that were curious enough to allow close-up shots at every angle. Without a stinger, these plankton eaters are quite safe...
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humpback whale



During whale season in the Hawaiian Islands, we get quite a show of breaches and dives. Thanks to C.T. Ticknor and Mel Rice for starting our image collection, providing Animal Tracks with a nice selection of flukes since December 2006. Since then, global contributions have expanded our gallery to include other cetaceans...
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Dolly the monk seal


Meet Dolly the Hawaiian Monk Seal

Visitors to Ka'anapali Beach had a surprise visitor this month. Affectionately named "Dolly" by our photographer, this monk seal took a 24 hour rest on Ka'anapali Beach after a challenging swim through rough water. See these up close and wonderful photos in our monk seal gallery.


humpback whale mother and calf


Humpback Whales: Mother and Calf

Whale Season continues with a rare and precious look at a humpback whale mother and calf. See these special photos in the humpback mother and calf gallery and experience a rare treat--video of mother and calf swimming together.


Mala Turtle


Green Turtles

Turtles are always popular here on Maui. There is a great collection of green turtle photos taken near the sunken sports platform near the Mala Wharf. Check them out in the green sea turtle gallery.

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